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in the heat of spring

I’ve been hesitant to post anything over the last week and a half because I misplaced our camera and didn’t want to be lame and lead off without a  photo. Tonight I found the camera, sharing the bottom of a canvas bag with a  half-eaten soppressata, a leather work glove and a baby shoe. So you get a couple of 2 week old pictures of kale and chard. YEAAAAH!!!!

We’re still busy seeding , weeding, fixing stuff and playing in the rain. We finally got back to work on the mobile greenhouse (you can see the frame in the right of the above photo),  so expect episode 2 in the Roll Your Own series soon.

Our early CSA shares start up next week (lucky you), and we’ll be selling at the Williamsport growers market starting in mid June, or as soon as we have spring lamb on hand.


More seeding/transplanting

Things are getting much more busy as spring heats up towards the coming of summer. We’ve been harvesting the first of our kale, radishes, bok choi, salad mix, herbs and have been poaching a few pea shoots for ourselves from the cover crop.  We also managed to get all of our tomatoes in the field and greenhouses. We’ll have peas and lettuce heads coming on soon. We have just seeded another round of salad mix, some arugula, transplanted cucumbers and zucchini, and seeded potatoes and an experimental round of popcorn. 

New Greenhouse is Up!

The past two weeks we’ve been busy putting up our 100 foot greenhouse. Our nursery is overflowing with the young tomato plants that are to inhabit it for the season, so we had to make this thing our priority.

Setting the bows in the ground posts


All the bows are up.

Putting on the curtain board

After the frame is up and before we framed out the endwalls, we ran the rototiller lightly over the soil inside the greenhouse.

The endwalls are framed up and covered with plastic

The plastic is on.

There’s still a little work left to do on it. Most importantly we have to iron out the irrigation system for this house. But we should have the tomatoes in the ground this weekend and that will give us some breathing room in the little nursery.

This greenhouse went up pretty quickly with just the two of us. It was 2 weeks ago today that we started driving the ground posts in. Lara and I have put up 6 or 7 greenhouses on various other farms, so this wasn’t our first dance. But I attribute the quick construction largely to the quality of the greenhouse frame. Atlas really does a good job  producing a solid, easy to install greenhouse.

Next we have to tackle the mobile greenhouse up on the hill.