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Meet Your Farmer!

This Saturday, February 23 at 2:30 we will be having a question and answer session regarding our farm and CSA program.  It will take place at Alabaster Coffee Shop in Williamsport.   I will talk briefly about our experience, our farm and our farm shares.  Then I  would love to answer any questions or concerns about our shares.  If you would like to sign up for 2013 shares this will be a great opportunity to do so!  Or, if you are curious but not sure if it will work for you, this will also be an excellent time to find out more details.  At the very least, it will be a relaxing afternoon spent drinking coffee(or tea!) at Alabaster!  Hope to see you there!


We grow flowers in addition to our produce.  For 2013, we offer a flower share beginning May 15.   Each week you will receive fresh local flowers either included in your produce share or delivered to your door.   Great for home or business or as an incredible gift.

We can also provide flowers for weddings and have several options.  Flowers are available by the bucket for you to arrange or we can provide bouquets for the wedding and reception.  It is possible that we could offer a pick-your-own for you and your wedding party.  Please e-mail us for more details and pricing.

Most flowers that are available in stores are grown with huge amounts of pesticides, thousands and thousands of miles away.   The environmental costs for shipping and health costs to workers(and to all us)  are staggering.   Purchasing local flowers eliminates the use of pesticides, supports your farmer and the local economy and reduces  energy use for shipping.  And you will still have inspiring flowers each week!

Our flowers change through out the season but a quick list of what we grow—-  sunflowers, sweet peas, zinnias, poppies, black-eyed susans, bee balm, baby’s breath, irises, lilies, dahlias, bachelor buttons, snapdragons, celosia, artichokes,  and more!