Walnut Run Farm

Walnut Run Farm

certified organic CSA in Williamsport, PA

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Supporting Local Supports You!

I have been meaning to write about the strength of the local dollar for awhile.   When you buy food in the grocery store, somewhere between 17-22 cents of each dollar actually goes to the farmer.  The rest goes to the store, distributors, transportation costs, packaging, advertising, etc.   But when you purchase a CSA… (read more)

Three Tips for Enjoying Your CSA Share

Following are a few tips about the shares that we have noticed from personal experience and from feedback from our very excited customers. 1.   Take the time to unpack your crate.   After a long day it is sometimes hard to immediately deal with the produce that you have picked up, but if you can… (read more)

Summer Farm Tours and Volunteer Opportunities

We are offering a few different ways for our CSA members to visit the farm this summer.  Wednesday evenings from 6:30PM until sunset, June through September, I plan to hold volunteer weeding sessions.  Sounds fun, right!  I wanted to open up this opportunity for anyone interested to come out, weed for a few hours, watch… (read more)