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Walnut Run Farm

certified organic CSA in Williamsport, PA

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


On the farm this week we had a patchy frost last week but most of peppers and tomatoes made it through.   Jesse and I will be working to clean up fields and equipment in the next few weeks and to get the garlic in by the end of October.

Today’s share is the final share for our regular season.  However, this year we are finally offering a short Winter Share!

I am always astonished by how well we eat throughout the winter with fresh greens from our unheated houses, carrots and beets, and onions and more.  Even though some things are limited and there are fewer options, I still feel very satisfied with greens(usually sweeter in the winter) and roasted root vegetables.  I am so glad to finally be able to offer a Winter option to all of you and hope to continue to expand and improve it in the years to come.   This year though, all of the credit goes to our good friend, Katie Meyer.  She is responsible for providing most of the vegetables in the Winter share.  Throughout the season, she has focused on growing storage crops in the top section of one of our fields.  (You may have also noticed her incredible microgreens at market.)  The Brussels Sprouts and Beets  in the shares today are courtesy of Katie and they are a small sample of what will also be available in our Nov/December share.  You can find more information about our 2017 Winter Share here.

In your share you will find:

  • Salad Mix—this week in addition to lettuce there are mustards and beautiful radicchio
  • Thyme/Sage bunch
  • Carrots
  • Kale
  • Pea Shoots
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Beets
  • Peppers
  • Tomato–a final green possibly turning red tomato of the season

Charlie is a fan of Brussels Sprouts and she has been cheering Katie on all season.  They are an incredible plant–almost like a scepter.   Please view our recipe page for information on picking and cleaning Brussels Sprouts and also for ideas and recipes.

The Pea Shoots are part of our cover crop field.  They are doing double duty by fixating nitrogen in the soil for future crops and making a delicious green for us to eat.  I love to eat pea shoots just like chips or popcorn.  They are also beautiful as garnish, in soups or  salads, and tossed in pasta or stir fry.  Again, please view our recipe page for more ideas.

Beets can be boiled and marinated, roasted or grated into a slaw.  They are lovely and filling and a great addition to any meal.  I love beet burgers or roasted beets in a sandwich.   And beet slaw can’t be beat!  Add some carrot too for little extra color.  The tops too are wonderful sauteed with garlic and tamari.

Thank you so much for your support this season!  Supporting local farms and farmers is a crucial part to maintaining the health of our community and feeding our world.

I found this saying in a newsletter  from Vermont Compost today and thought that I would pass it on to you.

“Why do we do what we do?

For many years around the farm we have had a saying (usually invoked to explain to ourselves why we persist in marginally profitable enterprises like seed saving, eggs, donkeys, peonies, garlic, blue corn, and peaches):

“Food will get us through times of no money better than money will get us through times of no food.”

This explicit statement of bio-physical truth reminds us that money has no calories, that it is a social abstraction, controlled elsewhere, (now mostly contained in computers), and that you cannot eat it. “


Thank you another great season.  We look forward to 2018 and will keep you posted with CSA info.  We will be at the Williamsport Grower’s market most Saturdays until Christmas if you decide you need more kale!


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